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Mini legends Mod Apk Game Download android free download,Mini legends Apk hack mod crack apk + data,Mini legends APk cheats Apps game,Welcome to the very early Alpha of our upcoming game Mini Legends. We expect it to hit beta sometime in the summer of 2017.
Mini Legends is a game where you manage, lead and coach your group of champions as they train and compete in the arena.

When not in battle your champions will be training their skills to improve in areas that you choose. Once they hit the battlefield your champions will fight for you. It is your job to lead them to improve their chances of achieving victory.

Mini legends Apk

- buy powerful items for them using gold earned from killing enemy champions and minions
- have them reposition or change lanes to hit the enemy where they don't' expect it
- have them change battle "Stance" so that they might fight more defensively or aggressively.

Much of this will probably change over the next year but this is where we are headed! Please provide feedback and chat within the social hall in the main menu of the game.

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