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Ever wanted to play with your favourite youtuber? Now you can! YouTurbo is the first game developed for and with youtubers. Join your idols in a unique side-scrolling action car game that includes 1,000 challenging levels.

Download YouTurbo, get your youtuber buddy into the car with you and off you both go! Hours of challenges, deadly obstacles, badass enemies and many, many surprises. Just make sure you don’t destroy the car.

Interactive in-game PlayClips™ videos featuring your favourite youtubers: elrubiusOMG, Willyrex, DaniRep, iTownGamePlay, TheGrefg and more. PlayClips™ puts youtubers inside the game!

Every youtuber adventure is unique: story, worlds, enemies, vehicles, weapons, stores, final bosses... Enjoy 30 amazing levels with every youtuber!

Over 30 collectable items exclusive to every youtuber! Can you unlock them all? Play YouTurbo, earn coins and play the minigame in the stores to win new weapons, vehicles and costumes.

Youturbo Apk

Many levels
Unique cars
Popular characters
Incredible weapons

The game requires an Internet connection

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